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Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses

Purpose Clauses - Answer Key

Purpose Clauses
Exercise 1

a) So that
b) To
c) In order to
d) Dressed / could
e) For
f) Couldn’t / wouldn’t
g) Can
h) Could
i) Wouldn’t
j) To

Exercise 2
a) Left work early / he could go
b) Was rebuilt / make it
c) Have Jack her phone number / she could call
d) Put on some suntan oil / I don’t or won’t get
e) Hid the present / nobody could or would see
f) Had the party in a large hall / people would
g) Arrived early / he could or would get
h) Changed seats in the cinema / he could or would
i) Wore a funny hat / his friends noticed or would notice
j) Some sandwiches / wouldn’t feel hungry
Exercise 3
1. Sue went shopping to buy herself a new television.
2. This is for opening wine bottles.
3. I put the food in the fridge so that it would get cold.
4. Harry left early so as not to miss the bus.
5. I saved up some money so that I could buy a motorbike.

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